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You can find Kislovodskaya Celebnaya mineral water more and more often in stores. The popularity of this many connoisseurs of such products explain not only due to well-organized marketing work, but really unsurpassed qualities of the product.

What is the usefulness of Kislovodskaya Celebnaya

Kislovodskaya Celebnaya is a therapeutic table water of the Sulfate Narzan-type. Therefore, it is not recommended for long-term drinking. You should drink this water only on the doctor’s recommendation and within the framework of a strictly specified course. Its composition includes:

  1. Anions
  • chloride,
  • sulfate,
  • hydrogen carbonate.
  1. Cations
  • calcium,
  • magnesium,

Kislovodskaya Celebnaya is prescribed in the case of the occurrence of the following diseases

With this set of useful components, there is a huge list of diseases in which the drinking of Kislovodskaya Celebnaya is not only recommended, but also a mandatory element of treatment. This list includes:

  • chronic hepatitis,
  • cholecystitis,
  • chronic pancreatitis,
  • postcholecystectomy syndrome,
  • peptic ulcer,
  • vesiculitis,
  • oxaluria,
  • uratic diathesis,
  • chronic cholangitis, etc.

This list can be continued by dozens of names, but special attention should be paid to such a widespread and difficult-to-cure disease as diabetes mellitus.

Treatment with Mineral Water for Diabetes Mellitus

The reason for the development of this disease is related to insufficient production by the human body of such a hormone as insulin. It is responsible for the absorption of glucose. Due to the fact that glucose is not absorbed by the body, carbohydrate metabolism is disturbed. If glucose level is not corrected, it can lead to a number of metabolic disorders. The consequence will be damage to all organs and systems without exception, which can lead to life-threatening consequences.

Treatment with mineral waters is considered effective for the first and second type of the described disease.

These types are subdivided into

  • insulin-dependent,
  • insulin-independent.

Prevention of diabetes can also be divided into two types.

  1. Primary prevention

This type is aimed at preventing the occurrence of the disease. Therefore, when choosing mineral water and its dosage, doctors are guided by considerations of general strengthening of the body, providing its organs with all the necessary nutrients. An important component is having a balanced diet and regulating your metabolism. Kislovodskaya Celebnaya is doing a better job than its competitors. It contains exactly these components that are recommended by the vast majority of experts.

  1. Secondary prevention

This type is directly related to the treatment of the resulting, and often progressive, diabetes mellitus. Using the right mineral water makes it possible to avoid complications that lead the patient to irreversible consequences. The dosage and frequency of use of sulfate narzans in this situation will be somewhat different. The exact schedule and portions should only be prescribed by your doctor. Here we should remember the saying of the famous Hippocrates that “All things are poison and nothing is without poison; only the dose makes a thing not a poison.” Therefore, this article intentionally does not include any prescriptions, in order to avoid their possible use for self-medication.

Drinking of Kislovodskaya Celebnaya has a very good effect on metabolism in general and on lipid metabolism in particular, increases the effect of the enzymes that are responsible for the penetration of glucose into the cells of body tissues. This mineral water significantly increases the sensitivity of insulin receptors. It is difficult to overestimate the role of magnesium, which is present in the composition of the drink.

It is important to remember that in addition to the dosage and frequency of drinking, it is necessary to observe a special temperature regime of mineral water intake.

Kislovodskaya Celebnaya is sold in bottles and intended for drinking, but not everyone knows that the treatment of diabetes can also be carried out in the form of

  1. Balneotherapy

It is a treatment with water in the form of mineral baths. They have proven themselves in the prevention of diabetic angiopathy. Taking baths stimulates the release of histamine, acetylcholine and other substances. These processes help in the normalization of metabolic processes.

  1. Enemas

Used in the treatment of intestinal complications.

  1. Duodenal cleanse and gastric lavage

Also prescribed for type 1 and type 2 diabetes to prevent and treat complications caused by the disease.


Treatment with mineral waters is most effective in health centers, where the course of taking therapeutic compositions is monitored by doctors. In combination with the intake of narzans, they pay attention to the set of products taken, as well as physical activity. In combination with air and mud complexes it is possible to achieve high results in the treatment of diabetes and prolong the life of patients.

However, and at the household level, the use of Kislovodskaya Celebnaya can significantly improve the quality of life of diabetes sufferers. The ability to alleviate a person’s general condition and prevent various complications brings the composition of this water to a leading position in the lists of drugs recommended by doctors in the prevention and treatment of one of the most intractable diseases of the last century.




Inheritance of the ancient Narts against heartburn and stomach diseases

It has long been known that people in the North Caucasus are distinguished by excellent health. It is here that one of the largest concentrations of long-livers on the planet is found. Scientists have different explanations for this phenomenon. The clean mountain air, a special diet, and the unique local mineral waters all play their part.

Healing properties of local springs have been known since ancient times. Here, wild animals came to heal their wounds, and here the unruly proud Abreks hid from the persecutors. Not without reason, one of the most famous of Kislovodsk waters is called Narzan in honor of the heroes of the ancient North Caucasus epos, the Narts.

Kislovodskaya Celebnaya mineral water also belongs to the class of sulfate narzans. The unique mixed composition of water allows you to successfully fight a number of diseases, especially of gastrointestinal tract. Those who have attended feasts in the villages of Pyatigorsk and Kislovodsk know that locals are very fond of drinking mineral water. Due to this fact in the vicinity of the resort is extremely low rate of gastrointestinal diseases. They practically never heard of ulcers or gastritis.

Such properties of Kislovodskaya Celebnaya are explained by its unique composition. This water is both bicarbonate and sulfate. It also has a wide range of metal ions: sodium, magnesium, calcium and potassium. All these factors combine to produce an extensive therapeutic and preventative effect on the body. At the same time, Kislovodskaya Celebnaya water has a relatively low mineral content, so it can be used as an ordinary table drinking water.

Sulfates and hydrocarbonates help regulate the acid content of the stomach. Another feature of water is the ability to inhibit the secretion of gastric juice. However, there is one nuance here. If you have hyperacidity, it is better to drink water not during a meal, but 1.5–2 hours before a meal. In this case, it will successfully perform the task of harmonizing the acid-base balance in your stomach.

Kislovodskaya Celebnaya medical and preventive water helps not only with ulcers and gastritis. It is also indispensable for such an unpleasant ailment as GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease), which is accompanied not only by heartburn, but also by the discharge of stomach contents into the esophagus. The carbonic and sulfate components of water help effectively reduce stomach acidity, inhibit excessive gastric juice secretion and normalize the entire gastrointestinal tract.

Another important factor is that very healthy mineral water of Kislovodsk can be used as a therapeutic and preventive, as well as an ordinary drinking water. You should, however, consult with a doctor beforehand.


arterial preassure

Blood Pressure

People with high blood pressure vitally need to monitor the condition of blood vessels and capillaries, the proper functioning of the heart, as well as the chemical composition of the blood. It is sufficient fluid intake that can help regulate some vital processes, flush out the accumulated salts in the body and thin the blood, ensuring its better pumping through the blood vessels.

Regular intake of Kislovodskaya Celebnaya mineral water for hypertensives is one of the best and most affordable ways to bring the pressure back to normal.

Consequences of a Lack of Fluid in the Body

When there is a constant shortage of fluid, a person begins to retain sodium in order to alleviate dehydration. Sodium levels in the body will slowly but surely increase; it is directly related to an increase in blood pressure, so hypertensive people need to drink more fluids to avoid exacerbation of the disease. The average person is recommended to drink at least one and a half liters of water per day, and people suffering from hypertension should increase this rate, because the right amount of water will help reduce blood pressure.

Lack of water in the human body often leads to capillary closure and cellular dehydration. Frequent dehydration will be a prerequisite for additional diseases occurrence. There is a risk of progression of hypertension, because the internal organs can not function properly without enough fluid.

Increased blood pressure is often caused entirely by a lack of fluid, because after a prolonged lack of the right amount of water begins the process of vasoconstriction. Hypertension sufferers simply are not able to narrow the vessels to fill the blood system with fluid – hence the pressure spikes. To avoid such problems, it is recommended that all hypertensives follow a drinking regimen.

Useful Properties of Kislovodskaya Celebnaya for High Blood Pressure

Dietary menu for patients with hypertension involves taking a lot of mineral water, because tea, coffee and even some herbal restorative drinks are strictly contraindicated.

Kislovodskaya Celebnaya mineral water has a lot of useful features. First of all, people who are overweight react bad to hypertension, and a proper drinking regime helps to speed up the metabolic process, thus fighting the excess weight, which is often the main cause of this disease. In addition, in hot weather (which often causes attacks of hypertension) mineral water will help regulate the body temperature, reducing the discomfort of high blood pressure.

The composition of Kislovodskaya Celebnaya mineral water helps thin the plasma in the blood and the removal of excess salt, thereby significantly reducing blood pressure, so it is one of the most important, indispensable and accessible medicines for hypertensive patients. This water belongs to the category of sulfate narzans; it has high mineralization and a pronounced therapeutic effect.

It is recommended to drink at least eight glasses of water a day (one and a half liters) to maintain the necessary water balance in the body and to stabilize the blood pressure. It is very useful to drink a glass of water on an empty stomach ten to fifteen minutes before breakfast. This procedure helps to improve the quality of the internal organs work for a full day.

Water Diet to Prevent the Disease

A variety of diets is very good for improving the whole body. One of the most affordable and effective of them is considered a water diet. It consists in the fact that one day a week a person must consume only Kislovodskaya Celebnaya water and nothing else. People of average age without health issues in addition to hypertension can easily arrange such fasting days, but the elderly, as well as those who have other serious illnesses, such a fasting is strictly contraindicated and can only worsen the situation.

Remember that it is very difficult to follow such a diet, because the unaccustomed body will demand food. To achieve the planned result, you will have to stick to such a diet only in the warm season. Repeat this diet no more than once a month.

Water Consumption Regimen in Hypertension

In order for the regular drinking of Kislovodskaya Celebnaya to have a positive effect on problems with high blood pressure, it is necessary to follow a certain regimen.

Experts recommend taking one glass of mineral water on an empty stomach before each meal and before going to bed. At first it is difficult and unusual to drink such large volumes of water, but over time the body will adapt to it. It is allowed at first to replace some intakes with weak green tea, but not with coffee – at high blood pressure this drink only aggravates the situation.

Only a qualified doctor can tell you the exact amount of mineral water needed for the daily intake. Although maintaining a proper water balance is vital, you need to keep in mind the individual characteristics of each person’s body. Especially in the elderly, in addition to hypertension, there may be other diseases (for example, kidney disease), in which such an intensive intake of water can cause problems.



Animated video

It is believed that mineral waters of Kislovodsk have curative properties and can give anyone good health and longevity.
Kislovodskaya Celebnaya is extracted under environmentally friendly conditions and contains many useful minerals, hydrocarbonates and sulfates.
Recommended for use in the prevention of diseases of the digestive, circulatory and musculoskeletal systems.
Today, anyone can get a healing drink, improve their health and enjoy the wonderful taste!

Buy at your local stores or order online!

The clip was created by Filmedia Company.



Kavminvody. Zheleznovodsk and Kislovodsk.

In this issue, viewers will get acquainted with the two resorts — Zheleznovodsk and Kislovodsk. Palace of Emir Bukhara and sanatorium in the name of Sergo Ordzhonikidze, Pushkin Gallery and the Lermontov site, healing waters and natural monuments are in the essay of Dmitry Krylov.

The famous resort of Caucasus Mineral Waters emerged during the reign of Alexander I, and during the conquest of the Caucasus by Alexander II, the Russian officers after the battle rested here and healed their wounds. When it finally became clear that the local mineral waters and mud have real curative power, it was decided to develop the resorts of Caucasus Mineral Waters.


пятигорск цветник

Kavminvody. Pyatigorsk.

Neputevye Zametki, TV Show by Dmitry Krylov about the Caucasus Mineral Waters resort (CMW). ISSUE NO. 2 PYATIGORSK

Pyatigorsk is one of the most picturesque resorts of Mineral Waters. And because this place has a healing cocktail: water, climate, mud. And because all the buildings and household items of Mikhail Lermontov’s times have been preserved here to this day. Everything is authentic! The author visits the poet’s house in Pyatigorsk, Lermontov’s grotto and Mashuk Mountain.

This show tells about the city of Pyatigorsk as a health resort of the CMW, the history of the city itself and its sights. The filmmakers visited Lermontov sites and museums. They told the general legend of Mashuk and Elbrus mountains. Also they showed the famous Proval karst cave, known to many people by the novel “The Twelve Chairs”. You can also see the Aeolian Harp, Lermontov’s Grotto, Pushkin Gallery and the amazing natural Shameless Baths health springs.



Kavminvody. Essentuki.

Caucasus Mineral Waters is several famous resorts: Yessentuki, Zheleznovodsk, Kislovodsk, Lermontov, Mineralnye Vody and Pyatigorsk. Yessentuki is the youngest among them. It has many architectural sights created over a hundred and a little years, but no natural wonders and beauties. But it is the largest mud, drinking, balneological and gastronomic resort.

The famous resort of Caucasus Mineral Waters emerged during the reign of Alexander I, and during the conquest of the Caucasus by Alexander II, the Russian officers after the battle rested here and healed their wounds. When it finally became clear that the local mineral waters and mud have real curative power, it was decided to develop the resorts of the Caucasus Mineral Waters. In Soviet times, up to a million and a half people a year from all over the country and abroad were resting and treated here.


Health in every drop

The pursuit of natural beauty and the health of our bodies in recent years is gaining new momentum and is becoming more and more relevant. The world is changing, and with it the pace of everyday life. Endless workloads, poor diet, bad habits, and the environment leave a lot to be desired. All these factors test us every day without pity. How to cope with the adverse effects and choose for yourself the ideal formula of natural attractiveness, mental equilibrium and excellent health?

The answer is brilliantly simple. The power of physical and spiritual well-being must be sought in the natural resources of our common home, planet Earth. One of these unique gifts of nature can safely be called Kislovodskaya Celebnaya, special water, born in the bowels of the earth in the northern foothills of the Greater Caucasus. The well is more than 450 meters deep. It is the heart of magnetic rocks, through the thicknesses of which every drop has made its long journey. In addition to treating a wide range of diseases, this unique therapeutic drinking water is able to simulate our immunity and give strength to restore spiritual well-being.

Joy to every new day, self-confidence depends on the well-coordinated work of the nervous system. It seems quite fantastic that Kislovodskaya Celebnaya can calm the nervous system and have a beneficial effect on its processes. The whole secret is in its composition. The unique medicinal water with perfect balance of anions (sulfates, hydrocarbonate) and cations (sodium, calcium, magnesium) has a healing effect. This is practically a perfect formula of natural medicine. As studies have shown, samples taken from the well did not contain natural radionuclides (uranium and radium), and the proportion of trace elements in the form of heavy and non-ferrous metals, arsenic and strontium is negligible to harm humans.

As is known, sodium, which is saturated table drinking water from Kislovodsk can have a beneficial effect on pathological changes in nerve impulses. Thanks to the concentration of sodium, electrical impulses are generated, which are the mainstay in the work of the entire human nervous system. Calcium content promotes the transmission of nerve flows, since this element regulates the alternating states of inhibition and excitation in the cerebral cortex. Magnesium is perfectly absorbed and has a beneficial effect on the nervous system. A patient with a magnesium deficiency is said to have bad nerves. Magnesium is an effective weapon against stress. Increased irritability and emotionality, and chronic insomnia can be a signal of magnesium deficiency. This element is present in ideal quantities in Kislovodskaya Celebnaya water, a true source of peace and tranquility.

In any disease Kislovodskaya Celebnaya acts as a cure, helping the immune system to cope with the disease. In addition, such a natural remedy for all its benefits, has no adverse reactions. The constituents of this water literally activate the body’s defenses. Natural origin promotes easy absorption of deficient micronutrients, which in turn normalizes the function of all organs and systems. There is no doubt that Kislovodsk sulfate-hydrocarbonate sodium-magnesium-calcium water is good for health. In the form of an essential nutritional supplement, it is shown to people after physical, and most importantly, emotional stress. The state of chronic stress can easily be left behind, thanks to the unique properties of the natural elixir.


Boost Your Metabolism card with colorful background


Effect of the elements of Kislovodskaya Celebnaya on our metabolism

It’s hard to meet anyone who hasn’t heard or drunk Kislovodskaya Celebnaya water. Some people prefer it in the morning after a hangover, some people drink it following the instructions of their doctor. Indeed, due to its rich chemical composition, this water has become a leader among the sales of similar products.

A huge list of diseases in which the use of Kislovodskaya Celebnaya is prescribed, is complemented by a set of general therapeutic functions, one of which is the normalization of metabolism. What does the described product consist of and how do its components affect metabolic processes in the human body?

  1. Hydrocarbonate ions

These components stimulate the absorption of micro and macronutrients. Their task is also to normalize the acid-forming function of the human stomach.

  1. Sodium and potassium ions

They play an invaluable role in maintaining a stable osmotic pressure in fluid media and tissues.

  1. Magnesium ions

Magnesium ions are known to have sedative and hypotensive effect on heart muscle and overall vascular system. Magnesium ions also play a major role in secretory and motor functions of the digestive system and biliary tract.

  1. Sulfate ions

Also, like the hydrocarbonate ions, they normalize the acid-forming function of the stomach, which stimulates the overall metabolism.

  1. Calcium ions

Their task in the body is to have a diuretic and anti-allergic effect, thanks to which these ions normalize the secretory as well as motor functions of the stomach.

This is just a partial list of how the minerals dissolved in Kislovodskaya Celebnaya affect the mechanism of metabolism at all levels.

Here is a list of diseases associated with metabolic disorders, for which it is recommended to drink Kislovodskaya Celebnaya

The purpose of this mineral water, due to such a number of positive effects, is the prevention of a whole list of diseases caused or directly related to metabolic disorders:

  • peptic ulcer disease,
  • chronic colitis and enterocolitis,
  • chronic cholecystitis, angiocholitis, cholangitis,
  • obesity,
  • pyelonephritis, etc.


When organizing health resort treatment, the main task of any attending physician is the primary regulation of metabolic processes, which are disturbed in the course of a disease. The capabilities of Kislovodskaya Celebnaya to fully perform such a function brought it to the first place in the therapeutic auxiliary appointments.

However, it should be kept in mind that this water is first of all therapeutic, and only then the table water, and its uncontrolled drinking can lead to results directly the opposite to the healing.

There are several ways to consume mineral water. It can be drinking a heated substance from a pump-room, or it can be taking a bath with a certain concentration of salts. But, whichever ways of exposure to narzan on the human body would be chosen, you should always observe their dosage.

Bottled variant of narzan, which is sold under the brand Kislovodskaya Celebnaya has a balanced composition and concentration of substances that can regulate all metabolic processes in the human body. Their concentration is also adjusted and aimed at the safe use of water in all conditions. However, before starting to drink this product, it is still necessary to consult a doctor. Even the most harmless products can cause individual intolerance to the human body or provoke allergic reactions. Not to mention when we’re talking about a therapeutic product.


Sales management 2018

October 5-6, 2018. Another business conference in memory of Radmio Lukich was held in Room 6 of the Alfa Hotel (Izmailovo Hotel Complex). This time the conference was called Sales Management 2018.

Among the speakers were: Evgeny Kolotilov, Sergey Azimov, Alexander Gorbachev, Oleg Belyi, Dmitry Norka, Dmitry Tkachenko, Alexander Yerokhin, Boris Zhalilo, Sergey Ozerov, Alexey Urvantsev, Maksim Gorbachev, Timur Aslanov, Vadim Dozortsev, Alexander Levitas, Konstantin Popkov, Vladimir Zima, Konstantin Dubrovin, Inga Orlova, Andrey Veselov and Murat Turgunov, the host of the conference.

Lider Akva Company together with Snaple Groupp Company as usual acted as a partner, providing the participants with their products – Kislovodskaya Celebnaya mineral water and Mogu-Mogu juice-containing drinks from Thailand.

Here are a short photo and video report from the event. (Click on the picture to view the album).