Blood Pressure

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Blood Pressure

People with high blood pressure vitally need to monitor the condition of blood vessels and capillaries, the proper functioning of the heart, as well as the chemical composition of the blood. It is sufficient fluid intake that can help regulate some vital processes, flush out the accumulated salts in the body and thin the blood, ensuring its better pumping through the blood vessels.

Regular intake of Kislovodskaya Celebnaya mineral water for hypertensives is one of the best and most affordable ways to bring the pressure back to normal.

Consequences of a Lack of Fluid in the Body

When there is a constant shortage of fluid, a person begins to retain sodium in order to alleviate dehydration. Sodium levels in the body will slowly but surely increase; it is directly related to an increase in blood pressure, so hypertensive people need to drink more fluids to avoid exacerbation of the disease. The average person is recommended to drink at least one and a half liters of water per day, and people suffering from hypertension should increase this rate, because the right amount of water will help reduce blood pressure.

Lack of water in the human body often leads to capillary closure and cellular dehydration. Frequent dehydration will be a prerequisite for additional diseases occurrence. There is a risk of progression of hypertension, because the internal organs can not function properly without enough fluid.

Increased blood pressure is often caused entirely by a lack of fluid, because after a prolonged lack of the right amount of water begins the process of vasoconstriction. Hypertension sufferers simply are not able to narrow the vessels to fill the blood system with fluid – hence the pressure spikes. To avoid such problems, it is recommended that all hypertensives follow a drinking regimen.

Useful Properties of Kislovodskaya Celebnaya for High Blood Pressure

Dietary menu for patients with hypertension involves taking a lot of mineral water, because tea, coffee and even some herbal restorative drinks are strictly contraindicated.

Kislovodskaya Celebnaya mineral water has a lot of useful features. First of all, people who are overweight react bad to hypertension, and a proper drinking regime helps to speed up the metabolic process, thus fighting the excess weight, which is often the main cause of this disease. In addition, in hot weather (which often causes attacks of hypertension) mineral water will help regulate the body temperature, reducing the discomfort of high blood pressure.

The composition of Kislovodskaya Celebnaya mineral water helps thin the plasma in the blood and the removal of excess salt, thereby significantly reducing blood pressure, so it is one of the most important, indispensable and accessible medicines for hypertensive patients. This water belongs to the category of sulfate narzans; it has high mineralization and a pronounced therapeutic effect.

It is recommended to drink at least eight glasses of water a day (one and a half liters) to maintain the necessary water balance in the body and to stabilize the blood pressure. It is very useful to drink a glass of water on an empty stomach ten to fifteen minutes before breakfast. This procedure helps to improve the quality of the internal organs work for a full day.

Water Diet to Prevent the Disease

A variety of diets is very good for improving the whole body. One of the most affordable and effective of them is considered a water diet. It consists in the fact that one day a week a person must consume only Kislovodskaya Celebnaya water and nothing else. People of average age without health issues in addition to hypertension can easily arrange such fasting days, but the elderly, as well as those who have other serious illnesses, such a fasting is strictly contraindicated and can only worsen the situation.

Remember that it is very difficult to follow such a diet, because the unaccustomed body will demand food. To achieve the planned result, you will have to stick to such a diet only in the warm season. Repeat this diet no more than once a month.

Water Consumption Regimen in Hypertension

In order for the regular drinking of Kislovodskaya Celebnaya to have a positive effect on problems with high blood pressure, it is necessary to follow a certain regimen.

Experts recommend taking one glass of mineral water on an empty stomach before each meal and before going to bed. At first it is difficult and unusual to drink such large volumes of water, but over time the body will adapt to it. It is allowed at first to replace some intakes with weak green tea, but not with coffee – at high blood pressure this drink only aggravates the situation.

Only a qualified doctor can tell you the exact amount of mineral water needed for the daily intake. Although maintaining a proper water balance is vital, you need to keep in mind the individual characteristics of each person’s body. Especially in the elderly, in addition to hypertension, there may be other diseases (for example, kidney disease), in which such an intensive intake of water can cause problems.

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