You can find Kislovodskaya Celebnaya mineral water more and more often in stores. The popularity of this many connoisseurs of such products explain not only due to well-organized marketing work, but really unsurpassed qualities of the product.

What is the usefulness of Kislovodskaya Celebnaya

Kislovodskaya Celebnaya is a therapeutic table water of the Sulfate Narzan-type. Therefore, it is not recommended for long-term drinking. You should drink this water only on the doctor’s recommendation and within the framework of a strictly specified course. Its composition includes:

  1. Anions
  • chloride,
  • sulfate,
  • hydrogen carbonate.
  1. Cations
  • calcium,
  • magnesium,

Kislovodskaya Celebnaya is prescribed in the case of the occurrence of the following diseases

With this set of useful components, there is a huge list of diseases in which the drinking of Kislovodskaya Celebnaya is not only recommended, but also a mandatory element of treatment. This list includes:

  • chronic hepatitis,
  • cholecystitis,
  • chronic pancreatitis,
  • postcholecystectomy syndrome,
  • peptic ulcer,
  • vesiculitis,
  • oxaluria,
  • uratic diathesis,
  • chronic cholangitis, etc.

This list can be continued by dozens of names, but special attention should be paid to such a widespread and difficult-to-cure disease as diabetes mellitus.

Treatment with Mineral Water for Diabetes Mellitus

The reason for the development of this disease is related to insufficient production by the human body of such a hormone as insulin. It is responsible for the absorption of glucose. Due to the fact that glucose is not absorbed by the body, carbohydrate metabolism is disturbed. If glucose level is not corrected, it can lead to a number of metabolic disorders. The consequence will be damage to all organs and systems without exception, which can lead to life-threatening consequences.

Treatment with mineral waters is considered effective for the first and second type of the described disease.

These types are subdivided into

  • insulin-dependent,
  • insulin-independent.

Prevention of diabetes can also be divided into two types.

  1. Primary prevention

This type is aimed at preventing the occurrence of the disease. Therefore, when choosing mineral water and its dosage, doctors are guided by considerations of general strengthening of the body, providing its organs with all the necessary nutrients. An important component is having a balanced diet and regulating your metabolism. Kislovodskaya Celebnaya is doing a better job than its competitors. It contains exactly these components that are recommended by the vast majority of experts.

  1. Secondary prevention

This type is directly related to the treatment of the resulting, and often progressive, diabetes mellitus. Using the right mineral water makes it possible to avoid complications that lead the patient to irreversible consequences. The dosage and frequency of use of sulfate narzans in this situation will be somewhat different. The exact schedule and portions should only be prescribed by your doctor. Here we should remember the saying of the famous Hippocrates that “All things are poison and nothing is without poison; only the dose makes a thing not a poison.” Therefore, this article intentionally does not include any prescriptions, in order to avoid their possible use for self-medication.

Drinking of Kislovodskaya Celebnaya has a very good effect on metabolism in general and on lipid metabolism in particular, increases the effect of the enzymes that are responsible for the penetration of glucose into the cells of body tissues. This mineral water significantly increases the sensitivity of insulin receptors. It is difficult to overestimate the role of magnesium, which is present in the composition of the drink.

It is important to remember that in addition to the dosage and frequency of drinking, it is necessary to observe a special temperature regime of mineral water intake.

Kislovodskaya Celebnaya is sold in bottles and intended for drinking, but not everyone knows that the treatment of diabetes can also be carried out in the form of

  1. Balneotherapy

It is a treatment with water in the form of mineral baths. They have proven themselves in the prevention of diabetic angiopathy. Taking baths stimulates the release of histamine, acetylcholine and other substances. These processes help in the normalization of metabolic processes.

  1. Enemas

Used in the treatment of intestinal complications.

  1. Duodenal cleanse and gastric lavage

Also prescribed for type 1 and type 2 diabetes to prevent and treat complications caused by the disease.


Treatment with mineral waters is most effective in health centers, where the course of taking therapeutic compositions is monitored by doctors. In combination with the intake of narzans, they pay attention to the set of products taken, as well as physical activity. In combination with air and mud complexes it is possible to achieve high results in the treatment of diabetes and prolong the life of patients.

However, and at the household level, the use of Kislovodskaya Celebnaya can significantly improve the quality of life of diabetes sufferers. The ability to alleviate a person’s general condition and prevent various complications brings the composition of this water to a leading position in the lists of drugs recommended by doctors in the prevention and treatment of one of the most intractable diseases of the last century.

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